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Since opening in late 2014, over 120 courses offered and hundreds of students have gone through our academy programs. Critical One EMS Academy provides a challenging yet rewarding curriculum for students looking to advance in the emergency medical services field.  Critical One EMS Academy offers a wide selection of courses such as EMT Training, refresher and paramedic building blocks in continuing education, NAEMT courses in addition to 12-lead EKG and other courses.  The Academy is focused on the student equipping you with the knowledge and resources needed to be successful at your job.  


Our instructors are currently working in the field as EMT's, Paramedic's and firefighters.    We give our students real-world experience, preparing you for things that might happen.  This knowledge goes beyond what a book can teach you.  We also can bring certain programs to your doorstep including nursing homes, industrial institutions, HVAC, daycare or other agencies looking to train their staff in the comfort of your own business.  


Challenge your mind with Critical One EMS Academy.  The instructors here are passionate about sharing their knowledge providing them with the highest-quality of EMS education possible.  If you are having trouble passing the NREMT we can help there also with our one-on-one Test Prep and group study sessions.  We offer a variety of training.  


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