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Frequently Asked Questions


What is this program goals?  Critical One EMS Academy goals are to make you a competent Emergency Medical Technician which the basic skills to start a career in the workforce.   We will help you become the best in the business with some dedication and determination to succeed with our program.   We have a fully trained staff with field experience so that you can apply your knowledge into the practical setting.  


Are you an accreditated program?  Yes, we are through the State of Missouri Bureau of EMS.

Will I receive my EMT license after class?  No, you will receive a certificate, which allows you to take the psychomotor exam and written test for NREMT.  After successful completion of these with a passing score which meets National Standards, then you apply to the State of Missouri for your license.  


Will this class guarantee me a job?  Through the schools resources, we will assist you in this process in attempt to get a job and make available any agencies currently hiring.  


Still more questions?

Contact us directly at 636-387-7150.  We would be happy to assist you with your goals in EMS education.


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